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M@D is governed and directed by past and present Masey University distance students.


massey@distance board of directors:

David has been involved in the Massey distance education community (with some breaks) since 2008. Prior to the M@D re-brand, David joined the EXMSS committee in 2016, then shortly after, succeeded Megan Green as President. In addition to having served on Massey University Council, and currently sitting on the Massey University Academic Board, David is currently studying an MBS (Management), and works as a DevOps and full-stack software engineer.

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    Salla is originally from Finland and has lived in New Zealand for the past 30 years. She has two daughters aged 20 and 16.

  • Massey University Graduate: Bachelor of Arts, Major: Psychology. Postgraduate: Diploma of Arts and Psychology.
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  • LinkedIn: Kelly Hall

Thesis topic:
Kiwiburn: The globalization of Burning Man in Aotearoa New Zealand.

My BA major -Social Anthropology – has provided me with a strong understanding of culture, which I find extremely useful living in our multicultural New Zealand. Social anthropology has also given me a solid foundation of understanding of the issues that exist around Te Tiriti o Waitangi, as well as the United Nations universal human rights laws.

My BA minor – Rehabilitation studies – has equipped me with an understanding of case management; person-centered rehabilitation, SBIRTs and IWRPs; the WHO’s classifications, definitions, and directives including the ICF; mental health and disability definitions and classifications; social determinants of mental health; disability and mental health language and human rights.

Rehabilitation studies touched on all forms of rehabilitation: Alcohol and other drug (AOD) dependency and Harm reduction, physical rehabilitation, psychological rehabilitation, social rehabilitation, and vocational rehabilitation. A large portion of my minor has been concentrated on mental health policy and practice, quality of life measures (QoL), harm reduction, brief interventions, and the public health model.

  • Massey University Bachleor of Business undergraduate.
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Jacqueline works remotely from her home office in Christchurch. She lives with her beautiful 9 year old daughter.


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