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Empowering You in Semester 2

July 2020 Association Newsletter for Massey's 10,000 Distance students

Who is "massey@distance"?

We're Your student association. We've been around for over 50 years. We support you in your studies, by: We work for you. It's our job to encourage and celebrate your success in distance study.

In This Newsletter

M@D Online Orientation for Semester 2 M@D Help Desk Bookmark M@D's Rapidly Evolving Website Massey@Distance Student Representatives Monthly Prize Draw M@D Masterclasses Programme

Quick Word from our President

As we embark on distance study at Massey, we quickly realise that we haven't just signed up for distance education study.

We soon discover that we have also joined an amazing and transformative culture.

Our Massey@Distance Community is a special place. A place where we find support, encouragement, friendship. A space where our dreams are taken seriously. A space which helps us redefine ourselves, overcome limitations, and open up all kinds of future opportunities.

To all new students joining us this semester, we bid you welcome, and hope to see you online soon. For everyone continuing in their studies, we appreciate your company and participation. For everyone completing their programmes, we give you our warmest congratulations!

With Warmest Wishes, David McNab

Massey@Distance Online Orientation (MOO)

Massey@Distance Online Orientation (MOO) is running now!

It’s a once-per-semester event, adapted from the traditional on-campus Orientation Week (O-Week) events to be accessible to people at all geographical locations.

The Orientation is hosted by Jacqueline (M@D General Manager) and David (President) and staged as a series of Zoom events, running from the 6th-18th July.

MOO covers tips on getting started at distance, including Massey resources that are essential to distance study. After the orientation, everyone will get a chance to ask questions.

During the Online Orientation week, presentations will also be running on How to be a Successful Distance Student, Employment Support, Stream and Portal.

For more information on M@D Online Orientation go to the New Students page on the Massey@Distance website.

Remember -- to gain access to students-only events, visit the M@D Masterclass Events Access Page and use the password distancestar to unlock the page contents.

MOO Event Dates

M@D Helpdesk

Massey@Distance has multi-channel 24/7 Help Desk. We can be contacted interactively during the following hours: Outside of these hours, you are welcome to leave text, email or phone message, and we will get back to you promptly. You can contact us at M@D by: And don’t forget Te Paepoto, the University Contact Centre! Their amazing team can be contacted at:

Bookmark M@D's Rapidly Evolving Website is stacked with info for Massey distance students, worth spending a quick ten minutes to have a look through.

If you are pressed for time, then go straight to our list of Essential Resources and bookmark for later! features four main sections:

The New Students and Study Support sections form a collection of Massey University resources specifically for distance students. This includes essential services and getting started resources and in-study resources for assignments, exams and more.

Our Events and Membership section lets you know what’s on for distance students and contains our Masterclass schedule, access to Masterclass presentation Zoom URLs and Masterclass recordings.

Finally, the Course Insightssection of the website is dedicated to helping you, as a Massey Distance student, know what to look for in your chosen courses and will contain a student reviewing system in the next eight weeks.

Massey@Distance Student Representatives

Please contact our college student reps with any course related issue via our Online Helpdesk or emailing us directly at

Any issues specific to each particular College are handled by your reps:

We also have a devoted Māori rep Taiwhio Wati, reachable at

Enter Our Prize Draw and Stay Informed!

Massey@Distance would like you to join our contact list so we can keep you updated with important news, events, and special offers.

All new join-ups go into a monthly prize draw for special goodies!

All you need to do to join is tap here and fill in five quick fields, it’s just that easy.

Masterclasses Programme

As part of our COVID-19 response, we ran some online Zoom events to support our fellow students, some of these by M@D team members, and some by Massey staff.

These have been such an overwhelming success that we've decided to keep this going as an ongoing M@D programme. Masterclasses are also often created in response to some Group Advocacy cases so we can best relay information to students as that information comes to hand

So please bookmark our calendar link, where we maintain a schedule of all upcoming online events:

Some of our masterclasses are recorded (we will always let you know in advance). Visit that page to view recorded M@D hosted, organised and third party events.

Security Note: While many M@D Masterclass events are open to the general public, some of them are for distance students only. To access students-only events, you will need to visit the events private access page at:

If this password ever changes, it will be posted in the Massey@Distance Facebook Group description area.

Nominate a M@D Masterclasses Presenter

Do you know anyone (and this can be you) who has knowledge or skills of value to share with distance students?

Anyone with potentially valuable knowledge, can nominate themselves or another person as a possible presenter for the Massey@Distance masterclasses timetable.

Special Note - presenting masterclasses gives you great entries for your CV, and we will back you as a referee when you're going for jobs.

Eligibility criteria: anyone capable of presenting for half to one hour, on Zoom, to a small/medium group, anything of value and relevance to:

Compensation is pro bono, but presenters are welcome, within reason, to plug their own business, academic or professional interests if done so in an ethical manner. We might even be able to promote you in our various Massey@Distance channels.

To make a nomination now, Tap Here

Have a great semester everyone and please use the above resources as frequently as you need to. Your Massey@Distance team

This newsletter is copyright © 2020 by Massey@Distance. All rights reserved. This material is for the exclusive use of Massey University distance students and Massey University permanent staff. Distribution to any party other than Massey University distance students or staff, without prior written permission from M@D, is an offence against New Zealand and international intellectual property law.