May 2020 Newsletter: Recovery Underway

Welcome to another edition of the Massey@Distance newsletter. We hope you and your loved ones are all well. Congratulations on making it this far through the semester, you have all done an amazing job!

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Monthly Prize Draw: Share Your Insights: Masterclasses Programme: When Study Gets Difficult: Online examination information: M@D Online Orientation for Semester 2: Massey MyHub Portal: Fun Facts about Massey University: Bookmark M@D's Rapidly Evolving Website:

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Share Your Distance Study Insights

Poll: If you can find a moment, we would love to find out what you wish you'd known when you started distance study.

Please Tap here to share your own insights, tips and tricks. We will use this feedback to shape our Online Orientation, and refine the ongoing support we provide to you, our fellow students.

M@D Masterclasses Launched!

As part of our COVID-19 response, we ran some online Zoom events to support our fellow students -- some of these by M@D team members, and some by Massey staff.

These have been such an overwhelming success that we've decided to keep this going as an ongoing M@D programme.

So please bookmark our calendar link, where we maintain a schedule of all upcoming online events:

Some of our masterclasses are recorded (we will always let you know in advance). Visit that page to view recorded M@D hosted, organised and third party events.

Security Note: While many M@D Masterclass events are open to the general public, some of them are for distance students only. To access students-only events, you will need to visit the events private access page at:

If this password ever changes, it will be posted in the Massey@Distance Facebook Group description area

Nominate a M@D Masterclasses Presenter

Do you know anyone (and this can be you) who has knowledge of value to share with distance students?

Anyone with potentially valuable knowledge, can nominate themselves or another person as a possible presenter for the Massey@Distance masterclasses timetable.

Eligibility criteria: anyone capable of presenting for half to one hour, on Zoom, to a small/medium group, anything of value and relevance to:

Compensation is pro bono, but presenters are welcome, within reason, to plug their own business, academic or professional interests if done so in an ethical manner. We might even be able to promote you in our various Massey@Distance channels.

To make a nomination now, Tap Here

What To Do When Study Becomes Difficult

Almost all of us reach points where it feels hard or impossible to keep our study on track. Here are a couple of slides from a recent M@D Masterclasses presentation on succeeding as a distance student. Click on the images below to see them in full size:

Tips to Maximise Study Efficiency

How to Recover If Things Have Gone Badly Wrong

Online Exams for Semester One

All semester one 2020 examinations are happening online. To help you prepare for these exam changes M@D has created presentations and powerpoints for Online Exams: FAQ and How to Study for an Online Exam. These resources can be found at:

Huge Thanks go out to Kelly Hall, Debbie Costello and Associate Professor Jo Cullinane for presenting M@D Masterclass Online Exams FAQ.

To attend live presentations about getting ready for online exams, check out our M@D Masterclass Schedule for dates and times (password distancestar).

Massey@Distance wishes all students the very best with all final assignments and examinations.

Online Exam Information and FAQ

Below is a selection of slides from our recent presentations on study success, and some great tips for making the most of our remaining study time before we have to sit those exams. Please take the time to read through this - it could save you a lot of heartache, and boost your grades!

How to Study for an Online Exam

Pre-vision Preparations

Find out as much as you can about your exam. If information has not already been provided by your course coordinator, politely ask them for details. These details might include:

Set up your study space now for how it will be during exam conditions. This will help calm your nerves come exam time and set the tone for your revision.

Create a roster for your revision to ensure you cover all topics and courses.

Consider the type of learning that is expected in your field:

Timing Your Study

Micro Time Management Skills​


Revision Techniques

Remember: there is almost no "right" or "wrong" way to study. What matters is finding what works for YOU

Time Constrained Assessments (TCAs)


Study for these kinds of exams in the same way as you would for other exams. Don’t rely on having access to textbooks. Instead, have a few pages of well written notes (you will spend half of them exam rummaging through books otherwise).

These exams are often harder than other exams because they inevitably will require you to apply knowledge or offer a critique or some theory or body of knowledge. So prepare beforehand so you are able to make the most of the very limited time available.

Exam study tips from Facebook Community

TCA​’s (open book)

Online Supervised Exams (OSEs):

Tips to Manage Stress

Massey@Distance Online Orientation (MOO)

Massey@Distance Online Orientation (MOO) is a once-per-semester event, adapted from the traditional on-campus Orientation Week (O-Week) events to be accessible to people at all geographical locations.

The Orientation is hosted by Jacqueline (manager) and David (President) and staged as a series of Zoom events, running from the 6th-18th July. MOO covers tips on getting started at distance, including Massey resources that are essential to distance study. After each section of the orientation, everyone will get a chance to ask questions.

During the Online Orientation week, M@D team members Kelly Hall and Jax Watt will also be presenting on How to be a Successful Distance Student.

For more information on M@D Online Orientation go to the New Students page on the Massey@Distance website. Remember -- to gain access to students-only events, visit the M@D Masterclass Events Access Page and use the password distancestar to unlock the page contents.

Online Orientation event dates:

How to be a Successful Distance Student events dates:

MyHub: One-Stop Shop for Student Help

Don't you just love having to look in 100 different places for info about your student life at Massey? We didn’t think so!

Massey University has created MyHub – a one-stop shop relating to your student experience. From Massey events, looking after your wellbeing, things you might want to develop to gain those skills that will help you find a sweet job after uni, and career advice. It’s a great 24/7 resource at your fingertips.

We hope you can easily log in but in case you have difficulties please download Massey's help document here that covers all the different login scenarios.

Some of the services found in MyHub:

Student Development Programme

The Student Development Programme creates opportunities to know yourself, grow your strengths, develop your skills and engage with social issues. It will equip you to thrive and make an impact in any situation or community.

Massey Career Centre

The Massey Career Centre is your key guide and resource to all things ‘Career’. It will guide you to build the skills, experience and evidence you will need for your career. Use it to look for jobs, develop and review your CV, practice interview skills, access career information and advice and more.

MyHub Wellbeing

The Wellbeing section of MyHub contains a host of advice and resources to support students to stay well at University, recognising that the term Wellbeing encompasses more than simply the absence of illness. It implies a holistic state of feeling good AND functioning effectively, rather than just something physical.

The Te Whare Tapa Wha model of Sir Mason Durie which describes wellness as a house (whare) with all four walls being equally strong. For the whare to be strong each taha/side needs to be strong. The stronger your whare, the more likely you are to succeed and have a good time doing it! The four dimensions are:

MyHub provides a good starting place for students to discover resources to assist them in being well or supporting their friends and is constantly being updated and expanded.

Fun Facts about Massey University

Right: The two founding Professors. Professors Geoffrey Peren (left) and William Riddet shown here in the 1920s when they were investigating possible sites for the Agricultural College.

Massey answered calls for higher education in agriculture (1879-1926) and began as an agricultural college in Palmerston North. The college officially opened on 20 March 1928 as a fully constituent college of the University of New Zealand.

From this small agricultural college in Palmerston North Massey University has grown to become New Zealand's largest residential university spread over three cities. Massey University now has three campuses in the North Island, and the highest number of extramural students.

Massey offers the only veterinary science programmes in New Zealand. Massey also offers the only Bachelor of Aviation degree in New Zealand.From 85 students in the first year, Massey now has over 35,000 internal and extramural students.

On the 29th April 1959, Minister of Education Phil Skoglund announced that a new University college was going to be opened in Palmerston North. It was named the Palmerston North University College (PNUC). It was a branch of Victoria University and it was to have special responsibility for the development of nationwide extramural study.

StudyUp Resources

The StudyUp Resources site, created by the Massey University Centre for Teaching and Learning, provides presentations and recorded tutorials from the StudyUp sessions that take place at the beginning of every year.. These tutorials include time management, reading for study, paragraph construction, writing essays, critical analysis, referencing and more.

Massey@Distance Website Evolving

As part of our re-branding from the decades-old "EXMSS", to our new cloud-era Massey@Distance, we have invested a lot of time, effort and resource into our new website.

Screenshot from the desktop version

The new site, at, features four main sections:

The New Students and Study Support sections form a collection of Massey University resources specifically for distance students. This includes essential services and getting started resources and in-study resources for assignments, exams and more.

Our Events and Membership section lets you know what’s on for distance students and contains our Masterclass schedule, access to Masterclass presentation Zoom URL and Masterclass recordings.

Finally, the Course Insights section of the website is dedicated to helping you, as a Massey Distance student, know what to look for in your chosen courses and will contain a student reviewing system in the next eight weeks.

Massey@Distance welcomes all Massey students to our association and offers use of our online services to all students across Massey University. Our thoughts are with you all and our aim is to get everyone through this semester, the next, and on into the future.

Warmest regards,
Your devoted Massey@Distance team
Tai, Shannon, Kelly, Jacalyn, Jax, Salla, Jacqueline and David

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