New Zealand Mental Health and Awareness Week

21st – 30th September

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Psychoeducation, everyday mindful activity + guided meditation

  •  (Psychoeducation, everyday mindful activity + guided meditation)
  • Why creativity helps
  • Call for photos of creative works or what people do for creativity +
  • Adult coloring sheet

Recording to be inserted here the day before

  • Basic nutrition for mental health
  • Healthy student-friendly meal ideas/photos

Recording to be inserted here the day before

  • Psychoeducation hormones/stress release 
  • Picture of exercise 
  • (maybe) PT to do a basic home workout routine

Recording to be inserted here the day before

  • Psychoeducation on loneliness and attachment theory
  • Social connection worksheet
  • Encouraging connection

Each day there will be a post on the MUSA DA Facebook Page , which encourages students to consider their overall wellness in different ways.

Prizes for engagement.!!

International Mental Health Awareness 

7th – 14th October

The MUSA distance advocacy team -Callum and Izzy, host  carnival inspired online events!

Callum and Izzy go  up against each other in a bunch of games and sports and students will be asked to pick who they think will win. The more correct guesses the more entries into our major prize draw, as well as other opportunities for students to winz prizes on the day!

A video of the competition will be posted on the MUSA DA Facebook Page.

Studying towards a degree or diploma, although fulfilling and fun filled, will push you with challenges, stress, deadlines and overthinking. And, when you are doing it alone from home, it can feel like you are completely alone in your struggles.

But this is not true. Massey@Distance is a caring, supportive community. Tap the following links to connect with our peer support services:

massey university health resources: