Getting Started

Once you are enrolled in your courses it’s time to plan for success! Work your way through the subjects below, especially if you are new to Massey University and distance study.

Plan your studies with Massey University Academic Advisors

Academic Advisors provide the following services for prospective and current Massey students seeking assistance in selecting and planning programmes and courses.

  • General orientation to qualification regulations
  • Specific guidance on academic pathways
  • Enrolment decisions
  • Credit transfer
  • Changes of course
  • Academic standing
  • Progression
  • Readiness for graduation and employment.

You can make an appointment with an academic advisor through, or contact 0800-MASSEY

You don’t have to wait until the beginning of each semester to talk to an advisor, they can assist you throughout the year. If you want to change your programme or just want information about a new programme and where you stand currently in relation to any changes, then contact them as soon as possible.

It’s essential to know how many hours you have to spend on each course. To calculate how many hours you have for study use the Massey Workload Planning Tool.

The Stream timeline is located at the top of the right panel on your Stream dashboard. Use it to track the times of your tutorials, assignments, contact courses, tests and examinations.

It presents a view of activites due for each course, with an option to view activites according to date date, or by course.

With some courses, there is an on-campus face to face “contact course” available. Most are just one day, but some may last up to three days.

In most cases, contact courses are optional (but strongly recommended), but in other cases, they may be mandatory, meaning that if you don’t attend, you will not pass the course.

Either way, we strongly recommend you attend, because it will enrich your learning, give you some great face to face tuition, and give you an opportunity to meet and exchange ideas with your peers and tutor.

The m@d plan is to be used in conjunction with the Stream timeline. Tap here to view plan.