Critical Course Dates

Most courses are delivered as 15-credit, single-semester format.

Here is a rough timeline of each course we all need to be familiar with:

Date Event
2 weeks before semester start date Course Stream sites start to open (and should always be open before semester start date)
Semester start date Course officially commences
2 weeks after semester start date Financial Penalty Cutoff; 5pm on the second Friday after semester start date. If you withdraw from the course by this time, you will get an automatic, no-questions-asked, refund of course fees, and the course will not appear on your transcript.
6-7 weeks after semester start date Semester break, typically 2 weeks. Many courses have their first assignments due around this time, but check your own courses because assignments could come due earlier
12-13 weeks after semester start date Academic Penalty Cutoff; If you withdraw after the Financial Penalty Cutoff (see above), but before the Academic Penalty Cutoff, you will receive a Withdrawal (WD) grade for the course which means it will go on your transcript, but not as an adverse entry. It will not count towards your Grade Point Average (GPA). However, if you later transfer to another university, be aware that some NZ universities DO count your WD grade towards your GPA as a complete fail.
In some cases (eg major medical upset) you may have grounds to submit a Fees Appeal and get a credit of the course fees towards a future course.
2-3 weeks before semester end date Exams period. Massey University no longer commits to exact exam dates for each course ahead of time, meaning students need to keep that period flexible and be able to arrange time away from work/families, at short notice, to travel to exams.