Massey@Distance AGM

This page has information about upcoming Annual General Meetings.

Massey@Distance is an incorporated society with charitable status, holding current registration with the New Zealand Societies Office and the New Zealand Charities Commission. As such we are bound to follow proper processes of governance and reporting.

Our 2020 AGM is scheduled for 8pm Tuesday September 15 (NZST), to be conducted purely via Zoom. In addition to the usual fulfilment of constitutional requirements (receiving financial report, receiving operating document, appointing non-elected officers etc), this meeting will also review some significant constitutional updates.

One main update is around the specialised roles of Board members. Presently, all the Board portfolios apart from Māori Representative are geographically based. Given that M@D is becoming entirely an online body, it is making increasing sense to base the Board portfolios on function rather than location, as has long been the case with the other Massey student associations.

More information will be posted to this page in coming days/weeks.

Important Note: to be eligible to nominate or be nominated for an elected role, or to vote for office-bearers, you must be in good order as a current financial member of Massey@Distance prior to and during the nominations and elections periods. The “de facto” membership, which all distance students automatically hold, does not meet this requirement.

If you are not already a current financial member, but wish to take part in Massey@Distance governance, please join now.