M@D Elections: Paid Career/Profession Development Opportunities

Expressions of interest are very welcome any time from now, and advice can be given to candidates. Candidates can get nominated at any time, but the nominations themselves can’t be officially submitted until the 16th September 2020.  Application form for official nominations will be inserted below on the 16th September.


Expressions of interest: president@mad.ac.nz

Closing Date for Election Nominations:Tuesday 22 September

  • During the AGM (Tuesday 15th September), M@D’s Returning Officer will officially open the call for nominations for elected office bearer positions. The nomination period will be just one week, so you need to move quickly to be in the running.
  • There are three roles becoming vacant, to serve 2-year terms from January 1, 2021, to December 31, 2022.
  • Each role is a semi-professional directorship position, sitting on the M@D Board of Directors, and is eligible for earning honorarium payments for attending meetings, as well as hourly stipends (up to a quota) for added executive work done between meetings.
  • These are governance roles, and those considering running for election are strongly encouraged to hold membership in the New Zealand Institute of Directors, and/or have experience in governance positions and tendering processes in/around the public or NGO sector.

The Roles


  • This role carries the heaviest accountability, and involves: Leading the governance of Massey@Distance, chairing meetings, representing M@D in and around the University, liaising with the other student associations (including NZUSA), and empowering and supervising the M@D General Manager in their and their team’s implementation of M@D Policies and Procedures.
  • Estimated average workload is around 15-25 hours per week.
  • Some physical travel is required, but this is a predominantly remote home-office-based position, with most meetings and interactions typically occurring over Zoom.

Area Representatives (Upper North Island, plus South Island/International)

  • These are regular Director roles. Duties include participating in the governance of M@D, maintaining situational awareness, managing risk, identifying opportunities, formulating policy, co-creating procedure, monitoring the performance of the President, General Manager and the overall health and sustainability of the Association, and making unique contribution according to one’s own skills, interests and experience.
  • The average workload is typically 1-3 hours per week, subject to availability and resources, and like the President role, also attracts an honorarium payment.


M@D’s board has a “staggered term” format, whereby the above three roles serve terms ending in even numbered years, while the other elected roles of Vice-President, Maori Representative and Lower North Island Representative, serve 2-year roles ending in an odd-numbered years. This helps maintain continuity and succession.

Eligibility Criteria

To be able to run for office on the M@D Board of Directors, you must:

  • Be a current financial member of M@D
  • If running for President, reside within New Zealand
  • If running for Upper North Island Director, reside in the Upper North Island (determined as residing on or north of a line drawn between Gisborne and Taumaranui
  • If running for the South Island/International Director role, reside either in the South Island or outside of New Zealand.

In addition, you ideally should:

  • Be passionate about the Massey Distance Learning culture and helping fellow students to succeed
  • Be a “grounded visionary” – head in the clouds, feet planted in the earth
  • Be familiar and willing to commit to “Triple Bottom Line” accounting, grounded in a robust ethical framework
  • Be an excellent critical thinker
  • Have demonstrable business skills and sensibilities, and awareness of commercial realities
  • Know instinctively how to draw the lines between governance versus operations (ie, governance is not management)
  • Be of good moral character, with a clean police record
  • Have a reasonably clean credit file, free of unserviced defaults
  • Not be currently subject to bankruptcy, no-asset procedures or other insolvency regimes
  • Have dependable access to a reliable large-screen laptop or desktop computer, running Linux, Apple OSX or Windows 10 operating systems
  • Have dependable access to a high-quality broadband internet connection, ideally fibre of at least 100Mb/s, but a good VDSL connection of at least 20Mb/s should suffice
  • Have a reliable webcam and microphone, and be comfortable with meeting others via online video platforms (usually Zoom)

Other Benefits

The M@D Board and Operations people are a truly special team. Your experience will change you, boost your skills, and engage you with amazing challenges and learning opportunities.

Elected Directors serving their full terms, with an excellent meeting record, will receive a Certificate of Completion, together with the ability to use M@D as a professional employment or governance reference.

Preparation for Candidacy

To prepare for your candidacy, you will need:

  • A clear head-and-shoulders colour portrait of at least 1000 pixels horizontal resolution
  • Two current financial members of M@D willing to nominate you, and act promptly when nominations open (you can self-nominate if needed, and get just one other nominator, but it’s a better look to have 2 others)
  • A campaign statement of 200-250 words (strict!), which may include a maximum of one web link (eg Facebook, LinkedIn, private professional website)
  • Be available, if needed, to attend a “meet the candidates” meeting via Zoom to deliver a short speech on your campaign, and answer questions