Massey @ Distance Elections

2020 election results are now in!!

Welcome and congratulations to  our new Presidents and Representatives. Thank you to everyone who was nominated and ran and to everyone who voted. The Official Letter of Declaration from the M@D Returning Officer can be downloaded here
Jax Watt and Jacalyn Clare
President Votes
Jax/Jacalyn Sean
Votes 51 21
Percent 66.23% 27.27%
Upper North Island  Representative
David McNab
Upper Nth Island Votes
Votes Abstain Sean David
Votes 5 22 51
Percent 6.49% 28.57% 66.23%
South Island/ International Representative
Aaron McLelland
Votes Lower North Island/International Votes
Votes Abstain Aaron Aaron Disapprove Aaron Abstain
Votes 4 68 0 9
Percent 5.19% 88.31% 0.00% 11.69%
Validation of votes: sequence of events
  1. Returning officer extracts the data from the secured form into a spreadsheet and emails to President
  2. President emails the spreadsheet to Student Services, which contained 79 rows of votes
  3. Student Services replied that of the 79,
    1. 3 votes were from persons not enrolled at distance
    2. 1 vote was from a valid distance student who had voted earlier
  4. Three of the votes were ruled to be disqualified for being non-students, this left 78 votes declared valid
  5. A second instance of a double-voter was picked up, and the spreadsheet adjusted accordingly, which left 77 valid votes
  6. Corrected spreadsheet was distributed
  7. Returning officer issued a formal declaration of election results based on the updated table